Car Insurance Barrie | Auto Insurance Quotes – How Tickets and Violations Affect Your Policy?
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Auto Insurance Quotes – How Tickets and Violations Affect Your Policy?

12 Apr Auto Insurance Quotes – How Tickets and Violations Affect Your Policy?


It’s not usual to be confused by the impact of traffic violations when it comes to your insurance rate. If you have the privilege to have a clean driving record and have just recently accrued a traffic violation or speeding ticket, don’t panic. For some minor traffic tickets, your Toronto insurance rate usually won’t go up, and especially if it’s a first ticket for your record. However, if you already have several speeding tickets on your record and just acquired one more, there are some things you need to know about the state of your policy and to drive safely in the future.

Clean vs. Muddled Driving Records

Every driver is guilty of driving too fast at some point but a damaging speeding ticket has the potential to affect your current Toronto auto insurance policy.  In Toronto, a vehicle driver caught without driving with adequate insurance can result in anywhere from a $5,000-$50,000 fine. By providing a clean driving record, you’re likely to always stay in good standing with many Toronto auto insurance agents that will work diligently to find you the most affordable Toronto quote for your needs and lifestyle. When you have traffic violations however, it will take a little creativity and safe driving to bring your policy back to where it used to be.

The Impact of Tickets/Traffic Violations

If your driving record is less than perfect, you may be classified as a “high risk” driver. While some Toronto car insurance companies have the right to refuse to sell you their auto insurance policies, the entire insurance industry cannot. With patience, time and understanding, you can find an insurance agency in Toronto that will provide adequate coverage for you and your vehicle. Although everyone strives for a squeaky clean driving record, things happen. The only important thing is repairing your driving record as soon as you can and most importantly, improve your Toronto insurance rate. Once you have insurance, you will be able to drive legally, as a safe driver and transform your muddled driving record into a clean one.

Some Things to Consider

Once you explore your car insurance options after submitting a request for your online quote in Toronto, the basics of getting an affordable policy are cut and dry. The safer you drive and the safer vehicle you need insured, the more affordable your overall car insurance policy will be. Whether you have traffic tickets and violations on your record or not, consider investing some time by taking a driving training course and polish up your skills as a new or experienced driver. Many Toronto insurance companies will offer discounts to individuals who make the effort to complete a driving course, as well as apply discounts when you insure multiple vehicles on the same policy or if you belong to an eligible group. When it comes to saving money, drivers in Toronto want to make the most of their policy, and by following these ‘tricks’, you will be able to find the best rate available, no matter what your driving record looks like.