Car Insurance Barrie | What Does Barrie Auto Insurance Not Cover on your Vehicle?
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What Does Barrie Auto Insurance Not Cover on your Vehicle?

12 Apr What Does Barrie Auto Insurance Not Cover on your Vehicle?


As the rule goes, the more coverage you invest in on your car, the more thoroughly you will be protected from personal injury, damage to others and damage to your vehicle. Every Barrie car insurance policy will cover basic liability, but what will auto insurance policies not cover, no matter how much coverage you invest in? Here’s what to know about Barrie car insurance companies, your rights and the perfect solution for your needs.

Liability Insurance

Due to a strict budget, many customers opt for the basic amount of coverage for their vehicle. Liability insurance, which is the minimum amount of coverage required to drive legally in Barrie protects you should you be involved in an accident. It offers protection if you or the other driver gets hurt, but does not offer property damage. It’s important to know that although liability insurance costs the customer less than comprehensive coverage, for example, you run additional risks. Although liability insurance covers personal injury claims, it doesn’t protect your property, which can come as a surprise to some people if they don’t thoroughly understand their policy.

Drivers Not Insured on your Vehicle

If your insured car was damaged due to the negligence of a driver who is not insured on your policy, be aware that your insurance company isn’t held liable to give out payments for the damage of your car. There are some things to consider when you let someone else drive your car such as whether or not they are a responsible driver, have a clean driving record and drive responsibly. If they get into an accident in your car, and prove to be intoxicated or drive recklessly, you could be responsible for repairing damages and held liable for the personal injury of the other driver.

Mechanical Failure

When it comes to the general wear and tear of your vehicle, you should be prepared that many types of breakdowns of your cars’ parts do not require your Barrie car insurance company to cover them. During the winter season, be careful of tire damage or freezing. Older cars are more likely to rust or wear down, which is not something your insurance company in Barrie is likely to be responsible for either. When committing to a Barrie insurance company, it’s important to know what’s not covered just as much as what is covered in order to protect yourself and your property.

Special Situations

Just as you need to protect yourself against being held liable for situations that aren’t your fault, so does your Barrie insurance company.  There are many special situations that can arise in which under no circumstances is your Barrie auto insurance company responsible for. For example, if someone drives your car without your consent as well as by someone who was excluded from your policy in the past, by means of the Excluded Driver Endorsement. Other exclusions include your car being used to carry explosives or if it’s used as a taxicab or any type of transportation with paying customers.